The new BlackBox Jr. shown with regular and LED flashers

The BlackBox Hp and BlackBox Jr. are new directions in the BlackBox family. In addition to their new compact size (they're just 5" wide), they are dual-purpose: Either one can serve as the basis for an entirely new wiring system OR they can REPLACE a factory fuse panel that's inadequate, damaged, or corroded.

The 11-fuse BlackBox Jr. wiring board has 11 fused circuits, three power inputs, two flashers, and a horn relay.

The 9-fuse
BlackBox Hp wiring and relay board has 9 fused circuits, three power inputs, one flasher, and a multi-purpose relay.

Our classic BlackBox also has three power inputs, but offers 17 fused circuits, two signal flashers,and three Multi-Purpose relays. The classic BlackBox is the best choice for more complex builds and flexibility.

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Professionals and privateers praise the overall BlackBox designs for their unique features including:

  • One-side wiring for a small footprint and neat final appearance
  • Labeled terminals for easy installation and use; plus each circuit's fuse is directly above its connecting terminal
  • Easy placement (three sides are free and clear)
  • Attractive cover (WB-14); so it looks great even if fully visible

These features combine to make these easy to install units the choice of professionals because in the end it's the final result that counts and BlackBox wiring boards provide the best final result.

Racers Inc. is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of the BlackBox wiring system. As veteran installers of street rod and custom car wiring and equipment, we used the BlackBox almost exclusively for over 20 years. When Dennis Enos announced his retirement, we were concerned that this great product might no longer be available.Now, with its sale to Racers, not only is the BlackBox available, it's improved and will continue to grow as vehicle systems evolve. If you have any questions about the product or need support on an already installed Enos BlackBox, Please contact us via email or telephone.

Cordially, Craig Nicol

Owner, Racers Inc.

  • Racers labeled wire sets are custom made for your cars' equipment so you know you will have just what you need
    when you wire your car. Our wire sets are available with industry-standard GM colors or an attractive "all-black"
    color scheme that provides a really custom, professional look. Wire sets are made using wire with GXL cross-
    linked insulation, the best in the industry and we "up-size" almost every wire gauge to far exceed original wiring
    specifications. Wires are heat-stamped every 5" and heat-stamping means that easy-to-read, actual plastic is fused
    into the insulation. The only way it's coming off is with the insulation itself; it's that good.

  • Racers Pre-Wired Connector and Switch (PCS) package. Take the difficult job of finding appropriate switches
    connectors and wiring them correctly off your “to-do” list with RACERS pre-wired connector and switch package.

  • The PCS package includes:
    • Pre-wired headlight connector and new matching headlight switch
    • Pre-wired turn signal connector, Plug and Play for GM & Ididit & Flaming River columns. Pre-wired for Toggle-Turn if one is on the order.
    • Pre-wired dimmer switch connector and new floor-mounted dimmer switch ·
    • And one of the following ignition switch alternatives:
      • A) Vehicle with GM / Ididit / Flaming River column with column ignition switch gets: Two pre-wired ignition switch connectors. $135
      • B) Vehicle with dash-mounted key switch gets: New dash-mount ignition switch, keys, and pre-wired ignition switch connector.$149

      • PCS option is available at extra cost with any of our wiring kits. Click here for more information about labeled wire sets

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LED Flasher BlackBox upgrade kit GM Colors or All-Black Custom labeled wire set - standard length WB-14 3-Relay BlackBox (TM) Wiring Board
LED Flasher kit
Our Price: $30.00
WB-9 BlackBox (TM) Wiring Board GM - Points Ignition Blackbox street rod wiring board with LED flashers

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Toggle Turn Signal Kit
Our Price: $59.00
WB-17 BlackBox Jr.
Our Price: $149.00
PCS - Prewired Connectors with Switches
Our Price: $150.00