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Main fuse kit
Main fuse kit

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Our Price: $25.00

Product Code: MF-60

Modern cars protect their main body wiring with fusible links, which are fine for them but blown fusible links are sometimes difficult to detect and repair.

For custom vehicles, we recommend installing a 60 amp "Main Fuse" in the battery or starter pigtail that supplies power to the main-vehicle 10-gauge wiring. 10 -gauge wiring is good for about 60 amps and that Optima you have can produce about 1000 amps. If you have a short in the main wiring or ignition key switch, that Optima will turn your main wiring into a toaster (or fire) and it won't be pretty. With a main fuse installed, a problem that would cause a melt-down or fire instead becomes a $2 blown fuse . A main-fuse is a good plan and we install one in every car we wire.

This hard to find fuse holder is our favorite because it's professional, it's easily installed, and it's discrete. In addition to its obvious use in preventing a melt-down, it also serves as a discrete anti-theft device (remove the fuse and she's a no-go) and as a winter disconnect device.

The kit comes with a tab-mount fuse holder, two fuses, 10-gauge wire terminals, and instructions.